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Employee Support Services


April 2023


HR Help Desk, Finance Help Desk

Employee Support Service

Our consultants have successfully implemented three large-scale enterprise projects in the UK, improving and optimising employee support services for HR and Finance matters through the implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Employee Support Services


Media, Higher Education, The UK Government


1. Overreliance on email as the main channel for support, leading to communication inefficiencies and potential delays in response times.

2. Manual assessment of policy applicability to colleague circumstances, leading to potential errors and inconsistencies.

3. Reliance on spreadsheets and emails for employee relations case management, causing limitations in tracking and managing cases efficiently.

What we did

1. Implemented an end-to-end solution to enhance employee support in HR, Payroll, and Finance, resulting in reduced support queries and improved overall employee satisfaction.

2. Developed a self-serve solution that reduced direct engagement with support teams and provided personalised policy guidance to employees based on data in their records.

3. Implemented a system solution to efficiently manage employee relations cases, providing real-time insights on case status and reducing average case resolution times.

4. Additionally, designed and implemented chatbot conversations to automate support interactions and provide timely assistance to employees. These chatbots access and provide employee data, streamlining support and enhancing the overall experience.