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Elevate Employee and Customer Experiences with Our Oracle Fusion Cloud Expertise and Solutions.

From enhancing employee productivity and engagement to delivering exceptional customer experiences, our expertise in Oracle HCM, ERP, and Service (CX) enables us to tailor solutions that drive success.

With offices in the UK and India, we offer services that bridge resource gaps in Oracle Fusion Cloud implementation projects for both Oracle Partners and Clients.

Trust us to guide and support your project, ensuring its seamless implementation and maximising its impact on your business.

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innovative solutions

Harnessing our industry and product expertise, we unlock the full potential of Oracle Fusion functionality, streamlining processes and driving operational efficiency. Our bespoke solutions have been embraced by clients, resulting in reduced implementation timelines.

Some of these solutions include:


Employee Requests on HR and Finance Matters

We have developed custom forms and approvals within Fusion Cloud to cater to various requests, such as employee termination amendments, credit memo requests, and supplier creation. These tailored solutions enhance the user experience and address specific business requirements.


Employee Relations Case Management

Our comprehensive forms enable effective management of employee relations cases, from formal complaints to investigations and appeals. This solution provides a structured approach, ensuring fair and consistent handling of employee-related issues.


Personalised Policy Guidance

Through guided interviews, we empower employees to understand how specific policies apply to their unique circumstances. For instance, employees can determine their maternity pay entitlement by answering a few questions, eliminating the need to navigate generic policy documents.

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Implementation Services

Our experienced consultants have led and been actively involved in every stage of Oracle Fusion Cloud projects, from discovery and design to deployment.

With expertise gained from working with top consulting firms such as IBM and Oracle, we are well-equipped to assist enterprises in their implementation journey, whether it involves transitioning from an on-premise system to Oracle Fusion Cloud or starting afresh.

We bring wealth of knowledge and assets accumulated through our implementation experience to drive success of your Oracle Fusion Cloud project.

Managed Services

Our consultants are equipped to provide comprehensive post-implementation support, ensuring the smooth operation of a Oracle Fusion Cloud environment. 

We excel in resolving any technical glitches that may arise and are ready to guide systems and business teams in expanding Fusion functionality to new departments, enabling your business to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape.

Furthermore, we can assist in effectively implementing new features introduced through quarterly updates, maximising the value and capabilities of Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Expertise