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A Leading Global University based in the UK

Optimised HR and Finance Support Services with Oracle CX Cloud Apps.

Services Provided


Customer Profile

A globally renowned university based in the UK, with over 15,000 workforce.


The Project

The client aims improve efficiency and user-friendliness in their work processes and systems by implementing Oracle Fusion Cloud applications for HR and Finance.

Our role involved the implementation of Oracle CX Cloud applications, HR Help Desk and Intelligent Advisor. The goal was to establish a streamlined process for employee support in HR and Finance, minimising reliance on email based support and moving away from paper-based forms for handling diverse requests.


The Challenges


Paper-Based Inefficiencies in HR Payroll

Traditional paper-based forms used for manage diverse requests in HR and Payroll processes resulting in data inaccuracies and time-consuming.


Email as the Primary Channel for Employee Support

Excessive reliance on email as the primary support channel, causing communication inefficiencies and potential delays in response times.


Limitations in Policy Disseminate

Conventional approach to disseminate policy information lacking the ability to determine policy outcomes for colleagues' circumstances.


Inefficiencies in Employee Relations Case Management

Dependence on spreadsheets and emails for employee relations case management results in limitations in tracking and managing cases efficiently.

We Did

What We Did


Optimised Employee Support in HR, Payroll, and Finance

Implemented a holistic solution to enhance HR, Payroll, and Finance support for employees and facilitate efficient service request management utilising Help Desk apps within Oracle Cloud.


Streamlining Diverse HR and Payroll Requests

Extended Oracle Help Desk apps to handle various requests such as amendments and cancellations of terminations. These extensions standardised request management, transitioning away from paper-based forms.


Accounts Payables and Receivables Optimisation

Developed a system solution to streamline Accounts Payable and Receivable requests, enhancing process efficiency and user experience. This solution involved integrating Oracle Cloud apps: HCM, ERP, and Fusion Service along with approval processing, refining workflows.


Individualised HR Policy Support

Designed a self-serve solution offering personalised guidance to colleagues on HR policies, facilitating a shift from traditional policy dissemination. This innovative approach streamlines policy access, reduces direct engagement with HR teams.


Efficient Employee Relations Case Management

Optimised employee relations case management by replacing reliance on spreadsheets. This involved developing forms for capturing case data and creating standardised activity plans, providing real-time insights and expediting resolutions.

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