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Innovate with our demonstrated expertise in Oracle development and integration tools.

Automate processes. Enhance employee and customer experiences.

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App Development

Build Your Own Apps

Experts in extending Oracle Fusion Cloud apps and creating custom app solutions in the latest Redwood theme.  

Our track record includes delivering apps that enhance process efficiency and drive commercial value.


Chatbot Development

We specialise in creating tailored chatbots for your organisation, ensuring a seamless user experience and achieving desired outcomes.

Our proven expertise spans developing chatbots and integrating them into Oracle Fusion Cloud apps.


Seamless Integration Capabilities

We develop custom integrations to connect Oracle and non-Oracle apps, including chatbots integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud apps tailored to your requirements.

Demonstrated proficiency in connecting Oracle Fusion applications with a diverse range of non-Oracle applications.

Our Expertise in
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Visual Builder

A low-code platform for extending Oracle Fusion Cloud apps and creating standalone apps, accelerating innovation for enterprises.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Empowers developing AI-powered chatbots that enable text, chat, and voice interactions, providing convenient access to personalised information.

Oracle Integration Cloud

A designer based platform to integrate Oracle and non-Oracle apps, ensuring seamless user experiences.

We Created

Workforce Management Application

A comprehensive system designed to meet the needs of diverse departments in managing guest workers, facilitating the entire lifecycle from onboarding to departure.

Technology used

Integration with
e-signature platform

An app enabling contract e-signing for new and existing employees. This solution involved integrating Oracle HCM Cloud with a third-party e-signature platform, addressing gaps in Oracle functionality, and providing flexibility to the contract creation process for a seamless user experience.

Technology used

Extensions to
Oracle Help Desk


Custom forms for diverse HR and Payroll requests, including termination changes and flexible work arrangements, enhancing employee engagement with HR Operations and Services.


Streamlining employee relations cases, our custom forms capture comprehensive information at various stages, offering real-time insights and significantly reducing resolution times.


A solution leveraging Help Desk functionality to streamline accounts payable and receivable requests and approvals, improving process efficiency.

Technology used

A Prestigious University in the UK

Develop apps enhancing Oracle HCM Cloud, boosting HR efficiency.

A Prestigious University in the UK

Develop apps enhancing Oracle HCM Cloud, boosting HR efficiency.

service offerings

Development Services

Our developers are highly experienced and entry-level talent, adept at crafting and deploying apps of varying complexity for enterprises. Guided by our seasoned consultants well-versed in Oracle technology and business processes, we deliver exceptional results.

We ensure cost-effective services with flexible delivery models, onshore-offshore, fully remote, or UK-based to suit your needs.

Managed Services

Design Solutions

We offer comprehensive post-launch support to ensure smooth operation of your apps and chatbots.

Our dedicated support team efficiently resolves technical issues and keeps your systems up-to-date with quarterly platform updates.