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5 Essential Stages for a Successful Web and Mobile App Development

Nizam Mogal

Nizam Mogal

Enterprise Applications Architect

In this day and age, for any business to thrive, it must connect with the consumers and stay relevant. Consumers often turn to online resources to find what they want, even research before purchasing any product or service.  

For this reason, businesses need to develop and maintain a digital presence through web and mobile applications to grow and increase brand awareness among consumers.

A well-functioning website or mobile application puts a business on the map and helps distinguish it from competitors.

A website or mobile application act as an effective way to communicate with customers online and cater to their needs. Consumers measure a business or brand credibility and reliability by its online presence nowadays. The use of laptops, smartphones and tablets is growing, and website and mobile applications offer access to and from many potential consumers.  When developing a website or mobile application, there are many factors to consider. The development process is elaborate and requires a structured strategy and plan to ensure the effective design and implementation of a website or mobile application.   Let’s look in-depth at each stage in the web and mobile application development process at iSmart Apps.

01. Discover

Developing a web or mobile application for any business requires research and recognition as the first step.

It is vital to identify the target audience, research new opportunities, understand operational problems, and define the application’s goals and objectives. We perform an in-depth analysis of these aspects to provide a clear vision for the development process. 

Our focus will be to capture detailed functional requirements, such as understanding product features, outlining product road maps, deciding on app technology and identifying the skills needed for development. This step lays the foundation for the development of a successful website or mobile application.

02. Design

The next stage of development is the design aspect of the website/mobile application. We focus on the layout and visual structure of the applications in this stage. 

Our experienced UI/UX designers aim to understand your requirements regarding data display, data collection, user interactions, and user journey through detailed discussions with you.  

The priority of our UI/UX designers is to ensure your needs and expectations are satisfied. The mock-ups and prototypes offer an initial structure to improve and create an engaging digital experience for your audience. 

The end goal of design activity is to produce interactive prototypes of the applications to give visual insight, which will include style guide components that detail font family, colour scheme, and company branding.

03. Develop

The development stage focuses on both the front-end and back-end development of the applications. Our technical experts will help bring your app to life and realise your goals.

They will work closely with you to clarify the app’s functional requirements, define development milestones, design outputs, and track progress. We ensure that the apps developed go through rigorous and thorough testing for quality assurance.  

Whether you want to create a customer-facing app to build brand loyalty, internal use app to make your business run smoother, or a website, our team is equipped to build quality apps in the chosen technology stack.

04. Deploy

The developed website and mobile application will go through Quality Assurance (QA) tests before the final deployment.  

The purpose of this stage is to identify and eradicate any bugs through robust testing.

Our QA team runs tests on several factors to ensure the proper functioning of the developed website and mobile apps, such as usability, compatibility, and performance.  

The final website and mobile app are ready for deployment after the QA team approves, following all the above procedures. 


Our role does not end with the deployment of the applications. You will receive help from our team of support engineers to fix technical glitches and revise the code from time to time in line with the latest software updates from Apple and Android. 

The need for maintenance and support is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of a website or mobile application.

Our support model provides 24X7 assistance, where our support engineers will help resolve reported issues and problems. Our customer support team will ensure the efficient functioning of your applications while you focus on your business operations. 

Learn more about  our services by staying tuned to our social media pages and website.  Get in touch with us for a free consultation to start creating a successful website or mobile application for your business. 

Nizam Mogal
Enterprise Applications Architect

Nizam Mogal
Enterprise Applications

Nizam Mogal

With 20 years of global experience as an applications architect and consultant, Nizam specialises in enhancing employee, student, and customer experiences while streamlining business operations through Oracle products.

Leveraging his expertise in cutting-edge app development technology, Nizam brings invaluable insights and experience to ensure the success of web and mobile app development projects.

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