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e-Commerce Website


February 2023

Client Industry

Green Energy

A website with app-like features that enable car owners to estimate their vehicles’ CO2 emissions based on mileage.

Registered users can also order trees recommended by the app to offset emissions. Additionally, users can maintain their vehicle’s CO2 emission records for quick access and view overall stats.   

e-Commerce Website

Client Profile

Glasgow-based start-up, neutrelle, empowers car owners to reduce their carbon footprint through innovative technology, revolutionising eco-friendly driving for a greener future.



The client faced challenges with a poorly designed website lacking CO2 emissions calculation and tree offset functionality.


The absence of an integrated online payment system hindered seamless transactions, impacting the user experience and impeding the promotion of their eco-friendly initiatives.

What we did

Our web app solution addressed these limitations by enhancing the website's design, functionality, and payment system. This ensures a seamless user experience and effectively promotes their eco-friendly initiatives.