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Unlock Efficiency Boosters in Oracle HR Help Desk in Redwood Experience!

Nizam Mogal

Nizam Mogal

Enterprise Applications Architect

If you haven't started yet, here are some of the efficiency-boosting features available for HR Help Desk support agents and leads. Learn how to unlock these features and boost productivity, improve the efficiency of your support organisation.

1. Personalise Your Help Desk Requests Listing for More Information

If you're a Help Desk agent, you can personalise your Redwood Help Desk Requests listing by adding additional columns to view more information, saving you time from having to drill down to the page. Easily see details like the name of the queue and the requestor.

How to do it?

Step 1: Click on the Actions menu button and select Manage Columns.

Step 2: Choose the columns you need and click apply.
Outcome: The selected columns are now visible on the Help Desk Request listing.
Help Desk agents can update multiple help desk requests simultaneously. For instance, as a level 0 support agent, you may identify few requests that should be assigned to a specialist.
How to do it?
Step 1: Select Help Desk Requests that you want to update and Click update.
Step 2: Chose the data element that you want to update and specify the value. Click Submit.
Other Help Desk information that can be updated simultaneously:

Help Desk agents and managers can easily group help desk requests based on key information such as request category or assignee to quickly assess the number of requests according to specific criteria and take appropriate action.

For example:

a) A Level 0 support agent can identify requests with no category and routed to a default queue. They can then work on assigning appropriate categories and route them to the respective teams.

b) People Support Lead can quickly view the number of requests assigned to each support agent and access the list and details of those requests if needed.
This not only enhances the overall efficiency of support organisations but also empowers users to make informed decisions directly from their working dashboard, reducing the reliance on IT teams for analytics.
A support agent can swiftly update a Help Desk Request using specific actions known as “Smart Actions” in Oracle terminology. These actions are accessible through an action bar labeled “What would you like to do?” located at the top of the Help Desk Request summary page. Typing a few letters activates a list of available Smart Actions.
Selecting a Smart Action reveals relevant fields or components associated with that action, guiding user through its completion.
For example, resolving a Help Desk Request is demonstrated below.

Other available Smart Actions on Help Desk Request include:

  • Add Resource
  • Add Contact
  • Add Attachment
  • Add Action Plan
  • Add Action
  • Assign To Me
  • Compose Email
  • Compose Message
  • Compose Web Message
  • Compose Internal Note
  • Capture Customer Message
  • Copy Help Desk Request
  • Create Appointment
  • Create Task
  • Create Relationship
  • Delete Help Desk Request
  • Start Internal Conversation
  • Show Audit History
  • Show Interactions
  • Search Knowledge
  • Transfer Help Desk Request
  • Update Related Objects

Utilising these Smart Actions proves more efficient than the traditional method of sifting through a comprehensive record to identify attributes requiring review and updating.

05. Wrap Up

Begin unlocking features of Oracle HR Help Desk in the Redwood Experience to enhance the efficiency of HR support teams and reap the benefits as our clients do.

For more information or assistance with unlocking features in Oracle Redwood HR Help Desk, feel free to contact Nizam Mogal, via email at or submit an enquiry using our contact us form.

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Nizam Mogal
Enterprise Applications Architect

Nizam Mogal
Enterprise Applications

Nizam Mogal

With 20 years of global experience as an applications architect and consultant, Nizam specialises in enhancing employee, student, and customer experiences while streamlining business operations through Oracle products.

Nizam has a successful track record of implementing Oracle Fusion HR Help Desk, encompassing both the Redwood and Classic versions, for large enterprises with substantial HR departments.

Leveraging his profound expertise in Oracle technology, Nizam brings invaluable insights and experience to ensure a seamless and successful implementation that aligns with your organisation’s unique needs.

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