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Generating Help Desk Requests with Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Nizam Mogal

Nizam Mogal

Enterprise Applications Architect

Empower employees and agents with the option to seamlessly create Help Desk requests using the intuitive interview-style interface offered by Oracle Intelligent Advisor. For instance, an employee seeking alternative funding options during maternity leave, even if they are ineligible for maternity pay entitlement.

Key Aspects:

  • Define the specific information collected during the interview and transfer it to populate the Help Desk Request. In some instances, you may transfer only the interview outcome alongside the enquiry description. In other cases, you may wish to transfer information exclusively gathered during the interview that’s not already present on the employee’s record.

Business Benefits:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Employees can effortlessly initiate Help Desk requests without the need to navigate to a separate “New Help Desk Request” page, streamlining the process for submitting post-interview enquiries.
  • Context-Rich Interactions: Equip agents with comprehensive contextual information right from the outset, which enables them to provide more effective assistance during the initial interaction, ultimately reducing resolution times.

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