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Redwood Help Desk: Expanding Its Scope to Address Non-HR Matters

Nizam Mogal

Nizam Mogal

Enterprise Applications Architect

The Redwood Help Desk offers a versatile solution for managing a wide range of requests and enquiries, extending beyond the realm of HR functions. Through the implementation of a dedicated Internal Help Desk Request feature, your employees can now access assistance for a wide array of non-HR matters, including queries related to expense reports, facility issues, and more.

Key Aspects:

  • With the Redwood Help Desk, you have the capability to expand its utility into finance-related domains, including expenses, invoices, and credit memos. This integration can be facilitated by embedding a link within the Fusion ERP pages, enabling employees to initiate Help Desk Requests with pre-populated details sourced from their point of origin. This streamlined process empowers employees to create requests more efficiently, ultimately saving time.
  • Additionally, employees have the ability to report facility or equipment problems, selecting items from a predefined list of assets managed within your Oracle Maintenance Cloud. This integration ensures a seamless transition from issue reporting to work order creation, optimising the maintenance process.
  • Note that extending the usage of the Help Desk beyond HR functionalities requires your organisation to be licensed for the Fusion Service, which is distinct from Oracle HR Help Desk. It is advisable to consult with your Oracle Account Manager regarding your licensing status before enabling this feature to ensure compliance.

Business Benefits:

  • By centralising support interactions for both HR and non-HR processes and functional areas, the Redwood Help Desk offers a unified platform for employees to engage with various support teams. This consolidation of services into a single Help Desk system provides several advantages for your support organisations, including improved efficiency, streamlined processes, and enhanced user experience.

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