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The Mass Update Feature for Help Desk Requests

Nizam Mogal

Nizam Mogal

Enterprise Applications Architect

The Mass Update feature in the Redwood Help Desk enables agents to update multiple help desk requests simultaneously. This functionality significantly improves efficiency and productivity when dealing with Help Desk Requests.

Key Aspects:

  • Field Selection: You have the flexibility to configure which fields are eligible for mass updates, tailoring the feature to your specific needs. 
  • Limit for Mass Update: You can mass update up to 10 Help Desk Requests simultaneously by default. However, you can change this limit to accommodate bulk updates up to 25 Help Desk Requests through configuration.

Business Benefits:

Time and Effort Savings: The Mass Update feature is a valuable time-saving tool for agents who require simultaneous updates to multiple help desk requests. Some practical use cases include:
  • Reassigning all open requests from an employee going on vacation to their backup.
  • Swiftly changing the status to ‘resolved’ for numerous requests.
  • Effortlessly applying updates to other frequently used fields.


The Mass Update feature is optional, and you must manually enable it following the upgrade of your Fusion environment to the specified version mentioned above.

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