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Streamline Employee Relations with Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Case Management

Nizam Mogal

Nizam Mogal

Enterprise Applications Architect

In the post-pandemic era and under the new work norms of hybrid and remote working, managing employee relations cases has become increasingly challenging for HR professionals.

Traditionally, organisations have relied on manual processes and spreadsheets to handle employee relations matters. However, with advancements in enterprise technology, HR leaders now have the opportunity to embrace cutting-edge tools that can significantly enhance case management efficiency.

One such solution is Oracle Fusion Cloud's Case Management system, designed to centralise employee relations case management and provide invaluable insights to HR leaders and managers. In this blog, I delve into the advantages of adopting this innovative system and its key features.

A recent HR survey highlighted the escalating significance of employee relations issues in the workplace. The study revealed that 47% of HR professionals deal with more employee relations cases than before the pandemic. With the current remote and hybrid work paradigms, it has become imperative for organisations to have a robust system in place to manage these cases and offer timely resolutions efficiently.

Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Case Management presents a dedicated application for managing cases including employee relations cases. This comprehensive module enables organisations to gather and organise extensive information throughout the case lifecycle. Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits and features it offers:

01. Detailed Case Information

The new case object provides HR professionals with an efficient way to gather and organise extensive information about each employee relations case. Centralising all relevant data makes it easier to analyse patterns, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

02. Enhanced Security and Access Control

Sensitive case information requires robust security measures. The separate Case Management module ensures minimal configuration requirements for managing access, restricting it to authorised personnel only.

03. Action Plans

Effectively manage case-related tasks in the system with task-based plans tailored to specific case needs or as generic templates applicable to similar cases (e.g. standard procedure for all bullying cases). Set up alerts and notifications for timely task completion, swiftly address issues, and arrange tasks to trigger consecutively or simultaneously. In a nutshell, action plans streamline task management for employee relations cases, maximising efficiency.

Grievance Management Action Plan Model

04. Integration with HR Help Desk Requests

Incorporating employee relations cases within the Oracle HR Help Desk system facilitates seamless collaboration between HR teams. When an issue initially reported as a HR Help Desk Request is found to be an employee relations case, you can create a case and relate it to HR Help Desk Request for streamlined case management. 

05. Leveraging Past Experience

Oracle HR Help Desk Cloud can suggest similar issues, allowing HR professionals to draw insights from past resolutions. This feature helps in understanding patterns and adopting successful strategies from previous cases.

06. Flexibility to Extend and Customise

Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Employee Relations Case Management system provides the flexibility to customise the platform to suit an organisation’s specific needs. Include additional fields to capture case information comprehensively at each stage of the process, from investigation and hearings to appeals and employment tribunal proceedings.

Highlighting an extended section with additional fields

Furthermore, the latest features in the system empower HR professionals to access information from employee records effortlessly. You can extend to trigger tasks to be performed once concluding a case, such as terminating or suspending an employee for a specific period. Unlike earlier versions of Oracle Fusion Cloud, implementing these extensions and integrations requires minimal complexity and effort.

07. Modern and User-Friendly Interface

The user interface of Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Case Management system is designed using Oracle’s Redwood design language. This modern and device-responsive interface ensures that HR professionals can access and manage cases seamlessly from any device, enhancing their overall experience and productivity.

08. Wrap Up

Embracing Oracle Fusion Cloud’s Case Management system empowers HR leaders to overcome traditional case management challenges. With centralised information, enhanced security, and invaluable insights, this cutting-edge solution optimises employee relations case management for greater efficiency. 

As workforce dynamics evolve, adopting advanced technologies becomes crucial for HR professionals to streamline operations and foster a more productive and engaged work environment.

Interested in a demo or need more information about employee relations cases? Contact Nizam Mogal via email at or use our contact us form.

Enhance your HR capabilities and transform your employee relations case management with iSmart Apps’ specialist assistance.

Nizam Mogal
Enterprise Applications Architect

Nizam Mogal
Enterprise Applications

Nizam Mogal

With 20 years of global experience as an applications architect and consultant, Nizam specialises in enhancing employee, student, and customer experiences while streamlining business operations through Oracle products.

Nizam has extensive experience implementing Employee Relations Case Management in Oracle Fusion Cloud for large enterprises.

His deep expertise in Oracle technology brings invaluable insights and experience to ensure a seamless and successful implementation tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

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